Meeting Location & Time:
Next Meeting: None
Meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month. 

Harry's Hofbrau
390 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129
408 243 0434 (Find it on Google Maps)

6:00pm    Dinner & Sign-in
6:30pm    Speaker Begins
8:00pm    Auction & Raffle
9:30pm    Meeting Ends
Silicon Valley Aquarium Society
It's been a fun ride
​Our last meeting was held in November of 2013. We were running on a skeleton crew for well over a year, and had only a handful of new volunteers to replace our burnt-out board members.

Our plans for going forward are not yet finalized, but we plan to pass our remaining resources on to the PCCA and allow them to carry on the torch.

Meeting Location:
Our meetings were held at 6:30pm at Harry's Hofbrau, San Jose, located on Saratoga Road between 280 and Steven's Creek Blvd., a few blocks from the pizza restaurants where the club met previously. The food at Harry's Hoffbrau is delicious and filling, and the menu features a wide variety of food. 

IMPORTANT: Please plan to eat dinner at Harry's Hofbrau on meeting night. Harry's Hofbrau donates their meeting room to the club only when the club returns the favor by bringing in business, so eating at Harry's is very important. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT: All receipts will be entered into a special raffle to win a great prize!

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